"Perfection-Dedication – Part l."

Last modified February 12, 2012

In this recording from 1983, Sri Chinmoy sings some of his favourite Bengali songs with the accompaniment of the harmonium.

During the four decades from his arrival in New York in 1964, Sri Chinmoy composed over 13,000 Bengali songs (in addition to several thousand English songs). Sri Chinmoy was a prolific composer, being able to tap  an inner source of spontaneity and creativity. His songs often reflect the yearnings and aspirations of spiritual seekers. The songs on this album have  great simplicity, yet Sri Chinmoy adds a great subtlety and richness to this soulful performance.

Some of the song translations:
Hiya Pakhi Egiye Chalo Dekhona Ar Piche (1974)
O bird of my heart,
Fly on, fly on.
Look not behind.
Whatever the world gives
Is meaningless, useless
And utterly false.

Hiya Pakhi at Sri Chinmoy Songs

Chitta Dolai Diye Dola (1982)
My heart-door is completely open.
O my sweet Lord Supreme,
Come and enjoy Your Ecstasy’s Dream
On my heart-swing.
Do come driving Your Light-flooded Chariot,
On the flower-decorated purity-road.
And the moment You come,
Do make me lose my division-self
And make me one with Your
Infinity’s Immortality-Self.

Chitta Dolai Diye Dola at Sri Chinmoy Songs

Ore Mor Kheya Ore Mor Neye (1974)
O my Boat, O my Boatman,
O message of Transcendental Delight,
Carry me. My heart is thirsty and hungry,
And it is fast asleep at the same time.
Carry my heart to the other shore.
The dance of death I see all around.
The thunder of destruction indomitable I hear.
O my Inner Pilot, You are mine.
You are the Ocean of Compassion infinite.
In You I lose myself,
My all in You I lose.

Artist: Sri Chinmoy
Name: Perfection-Dedication 1
Release year: 1983
Duration: 0:27:00
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Page Created: Ashish Zubaty / Tejvan Pettinger
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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