“Sacred Dawn” – Shindhu

Last modified December 20, 2007

Sacred Dawn is a classic album by the group Shindhu. It features twelve sublime recordings of soulful and devotional music. The album combines singing, with several Western and Eastern instruments, with additional sound-effects to create a meditative atmosphere.

Shindhu was formed in 1984, under the direction of Udasina. It is an all female groups, who are students of Spiritual Master, Sri Chinmoy. Some of the musicians are professionally trained, but most are women who discovered their love of music and capacity for singing through the beautiful songs of Sri Chinmoy.

Comment on album

The music group “Shindhu” manifests a heavenly quality in Sri Chinmoy‘s music; I feel transported to a higher realm when I listen to it. Therefore, it is very easy for me to meditate while listening to this beautiful performance.

We hope you enjoy this sublime recording by Shindhu.

– Kamalakanta Nieves
March, 2006

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Artist: Shindhu
Release year: 2006
Duration: 1:02:26
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

List of tracks

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  1. Very beautiful. Very good thank you

  2. Thank you for this generosity, I listened to this years ago and the music helped me in my practice amazingly!
    I had lost it for some years… So excited to have found this album again!

  3. WOW..!!
    I feel weightless

  4. Beautiful collection, Blissful existent and It is a form of Love,
    You are spreading. . .

    Thank You

  5. Namaste

    Aum, Amin, Amen

  6. Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for the empowering music which makes me feel very connected….

  7. thanks!


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