Harmonia Coeli

Last modified January 19, 2016

Harmonia Coeli is an album dedicated to songs about Jesus Christ, composed by Sri Chinmoy and performed by the music group, Mountain-Silence. Many of the songs are composed in Sri Chinmoy’s native Bengali. Others are quotes from the Bible, set to music.

“As the beloved Son of God, Jesus Christ came into the world to become part and parcel of earth’s existence, and to transform its consciousness from human to divine. True, his mortal years numbered a mere thirty-three, but birthless and deathless is His immortal sacrifice for Heaven and earth.”

-Sri Chinmoy [1]

From Albums:

Christ Songs by Mountain Silence and Harmonia Coeli  by Mountain Silence



[1] Excerpt from World-Destruction: Never, Impossible! Part 1 by Sri Chinmoy.


Sanjaya Spettigue offers a short talk from the series – Thought of the Day From: Five Christmas Carols


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  1. Thank you, Babak, for your kind comments.- Kamalakanta

  2. Let me tell you that I am truly vibrated by all these beautiful works of Shindhu as well as other groups you are sharing here. I have been listening to These amazing albums for about 3 years on this site. I would like to give my best regards to you all.


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