Sitar music for meditation

Last modified June 8, 2018

The music of Sri Chinmoy, arranged for sitar and performed by Adesh.

Adesh bought his first sitar over 40 years ago, and spent years in Sri Lanka learning from the best sitarist in that country. From his years of studying meditation and spirituality with Sri Chinmoy, he brings a deep soulful consciousness into his playing. Adesh has played concerts of Sri Chinmoy’s music all over the world, both solo and with his family – his wife Ajita is a skilled tabla player, his daughters play violin and flute, and together they have recorded an album called The Family Music. Adesh also has recorded a solo album called the Joy of Sitar.

These performances are from our Christmas Trip in January of this year, where Sri Chinmoy’s students came together for meditation, performances of spiritual music poetry and plays, and to reconnect with friends and fellow students from all over the world.


  • A Flame in my Heart – Adesh’s story of how he became Sri Chinmoy’s student, on the Sri Chinmoy Centre website

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