Sumangali reads a story about Krishna and Sudhama

Last modified February 7, 2008

Sri Chinmoy wrote hundreds of stories, some of them retellings of famous Indian tales, others simple and humorous tales of Indian village life or daily life in the West, where he lived since 1964.

He would encourage his students to retell or re-enact these stories in play form, particularly during the yearly Christmas Trip that took place in various locations around the world. This is one such retelling by Sumangali Morhall, based on Sri Chinmoy’s version of the famous Indian tale of Krishna and Sudhama, which you can read on

Sumangali is a very accomplished writer and poet. In 2012 she published Auspicious Good Fortune, an account of her time on Sri Chinmoy’s path. You can find out more about the book and how to order it on

The following review is by Sumangali:

“Sri Chinmoy often recounts stories from ancient India. I love to read them again and again. They so often combine the sweetness of simplicity with the magnitude of legends. As Sri Chinmoy’s teachings embrace all routes to a love of God, his stories cite the examples of many spiritual masters. Reading these stories is like playing hide and seek with Truth. In them we can find instruction and illumination on so many levels, if we venture into their colourful, beautiful, heart-rending and humorous depths. My favourites among such stories are those about Lord Sri Krishna. As my first contribution to Inspiration-Sounds, I am offering my reading of this story for its display of devotion and humility. It is a sweet yet powerful reminder that God not only provides for us, but even resides within our every wish or need.”

– Sumangali Morhall

Artist: Sumangali
Release year: 2005
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Page created: Kamalakanta Nieves
Duration: 8:20
Image: 16th century manuscript of Bhagavata Purana, currently in Los Angeles County Museum.

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