“A Singer-Artist-Lover of the Unknowable”

Last modified January 8, 2016

In this recording Sri Chinmoy sings extemporaneously while painting. Sri Chinmoy was a prolific artist, who completed over 140,000 paintings. His artistic creations were spontaneous and meditative – springing from the heart and a deep source of creativity.

Sri Chinmoy said that when painting he didn’t use his mind to think, but would just go deep within for inspiration.

The singing that accompanies the painting is similarly spontaneous. The singing is based on the melodies of Sri Chinmoy’s own songs, but in this recording, his singing could be described as ‘free-form’ – unconstrained by the usual constraints of the mind.

soul-birds-Sri Chinmoy

Interestingly, Sri Chinmoy’s soul-bird paintings are based on the shape of a bird, but hint at the inner freedom of our soul-bird – unconstrained by our usual conventions and expectations.

Creativity was an important part of Sri Chinmoy’s life, and he encouraged his students to be creative as spirituality and meditation can help unlock a seeker’s hidden creativity.

We hope the sweetness in Sri Chinmoy’s voice will inspire you to discover an ever-new fountain of creativity within yourself.

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You can find out more about Sri Chinmoy’s art at Sri Chinmoy Art.

Artist: Sri Chinmoy
Release year: 1988
Duration: 26:53
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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  1. Many thanks for posting this incredible, historic improvised expression of Sri Chinmoy’s meditative state. It is one of the most soulful, most sublime singing I have ever heard. It brings back into my heart-memory all those unique times when we were privileged to participate in these celestial moments of eternity.


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