The Song of Eternity, Here and Now

Last modified September 6, 2023

Short article about the song – Deshe Deshe Ghure Berai (composed by Sri Chinmoy)

Over the years, Sri Chinmoy has written many, many songs. All of them are beautiful, not just in terms of the uplifting melody they carry but also in terms of the spiritual depth they embody. The current song count is 21,294 and growing, as new songs are added to the online archive on a regular basis.

Most of Sri Chinmoy’s songs show the specific date on which they were composed, except maybe for some songs that Sri Chinmoy wrote in his earlier years. This is very helpful because the date immediately places the song in a context of sorts and allows the reader to relate to it in a more personal way. Also, often Sri Chinmoy wrote the song lyrics as a poem on one occasion and composed the song melody on another, at times days or even years apart.

Deshe Deshe Ghure Berai is one such very special song. Sri Chinmoy wrote the words to the song in March 1972, while he was on a visit to Geneva, Switzerland, and composed the melody on 17 December 1972. “… The secret thought of each country and the yearning of each life / Here become one …” When such a special song, special in its elevating power as well as special in its sacred meaning, reverberates in our minds and hearts, Supreme is indeed one, or even many more, steps closer to our still-aspiring humanity.

And there is more to this song. As far as we can tell and following our inspired request, Deshe Deshe Ghure Berai was first sung to the public from stage in Geneva on 4 November 2013 during a European Songs of the Soul concert tour.  Today, we have a 50-year (or so) anniversary since Sri Chinmoy brought this special song to life and exactly ten years since it was first performed for the public in Geneva, its birthplace.

– Teekshanam 

Deshe Deshe Ghure Berai


From country to country we roam,
Carrying the flame of Love Divine,
Smiling and smiling.
The secret thought of each country
and the yearning of each life
Here become one.
On the road of Infinity,
In the embrace of the covenant
of the Light Supreme,
O Boatman of our Heart-Boat,
By loving You, we do all this.


Photo of Sri Chinmoy by Adarini, Geneva, 1995.

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