Four Hundred Blue-Green-White-Red Song-Birds

Last modified March 17, 2006

Four Hundred Blue-Green-White-Red Song-Birds is a collection of four albums, offering just under four hours of Sri Chinmoy’s singing accompanied with the harmonium.

In these recordings, Sri Chinmoy sings some of his own favourite compositions, accompanied by the harmonium. Each album contains 50 Bengali songs, and the English translation – making 400 songs in total.


Notes on album

by Kamalakanta Nieves, March 2006

In this extraordinary collection of songs, Sri Chinmoy shares with us four hundred songs, half in Bengali and half in English. Sri Chinmoy’s prayer-poems cover the wide gamut of feelings, experiences and realisations that an aspiring seeker encounters on the way to the Ultimate Goal.

These songs by Sri Chinmoy are inner friends who will always be there to feed our inner reality with an ever-growing dynamism, enthusiasm and eagerness to progress to the eternal Beyond.

Our gratitude to Sri Chinmoy for this heartfelt offering.


Artist: Sri Chinmoy
Name: Four Hundred Blue-Green-White-Red Song-Birds
Duration: 03:47:00
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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