Inspiration-Sounds 6

Last modified March 19, 2006

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The roots of storytelling spread deep into the past, touching every facet of human spirit and endeavour. Enriching us with immortal truths and wisdom, Sri Chinmoy’s ancient stories and folk tales offer guidance and inspiration in this modern age. To show us that though our vocations, ideals and goals may have changed; at the core we are no different from the ancient traditions of the past.

The Hermit’s Peace-Boon

Once upon a time I was convinced, like the main character in this story, that my happiness depended on earthly name and fame alone. I thought that by ensuring I had large amounts of material wealth, my success and status in my community was secure. How wrong I was. Here too, Sri Chinmoy gently explains that lasting happiness is not to be found on the road to earthly prosperity; that it can indeed be found at the feet of the ocean of light.

The Three Questions

I can remember as a young lad a friend of mine with a vivid imagination asking me from time to time the seemingly simplest of questions, to which my answers were never correct; our conversation ending in mutual frustration. So I relate to this weeks story in which Sri Chinmoy sheds light on the endless perceptions of the world around us. Written in a light-hearted manner, this was a fun story to record.


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