Mountain Silence is an international female group of Sri Chinmoy’s students which travel extensively throughout Europe offering concerts of meditative music based on Sri Chinmoy’s melodies. This CD by Mountain-Silence is based on a series of 67 songs composed by Sri Chinmoy. All the melodies have the same English text, “I Fly In The Heart Sky Of My Dear Supreme”. Mountain-Silence are able to create a heavenly atmosphere with their music. These arrangements are imbued with sweetness, devotion, soulfulness, inner peace, and many other qualities which we seek when we meditate.

The arrangements are fulfilling and expansive, with elements of Indian and Classical music. Since the songs are very short, they have a mantric quality. When the melody is repeated over and over, its vibration expands our consciousness, allowing us to meditate.

We have other selections of recordings by Mountain-Silence, including the CD Harmonia Coeli, a collection of arrangements of Sri Chinmoy’s songs about the Christ, as well as O Dreamers of Peace, and Every Time You Love.

We are extremely grateful to Mountain-Silence for their soulful and illumining spiritual and musical offerings.

Artist: Mountain-Silence
Release year: 1992
Duration: 1:08:49
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy, Mountain-Silence
Format: Advanced Audio Coding