This album, featuring 15 very good tracks, captures both soulfulness and a high musical standard.

It is the fourth album by group Blue Flower and was recorded in Subotica, Serbia in 2013. It has proved very popular, with the music ideal for meditation and uplifting the spirits.


The songs are composed by Sri Chinmoy and are devotional in nature. They express a range of emotions and aspirations felt by seekers of the Truth.

For example, Chokher Jale – the English translation is:

“When I worship you with my tears,
Then only You allow me to sit at Your Feet.
Your Blessing-Compassion, Your Peace
And Your Nectar ceaselessly descent.”

Chokher Jale, Journey’s Goal part 11a at Sri Chinmoy Songs.

About Blue Flower (notes from album)

“Blue Flower music group was spontaneously formed in Novi Sad, Serbia in 1998 out of our love and appreciation towards the music of Sri Chinmoy. We arrange Sri Chinmoy’s songs combining eastern and western instruments with voices and then share them with the music-lovers and spiritual seekers in free concerts. So far we have given many concerts in Serbia and surrounding countries.”

Previous albums


Members of Blue Flower

  • Keyboard – Eshana, Uchita
  • Harmonium, Eshana, Uchita
  • Guitar – Kulesvari
  • Cello – Chintamani
  • Metalophone – Kamaneeya
  • Drum – Svetlana
  • Flute – Rathika
  • Percussions – Martina, Prasatti
  • Voices – Celana, Chintamani, Eshana, Kamaneeya, Kulesvari, Martina, Prakashita, Prasatti, Purupriya, Ratkhika, Svetlana, Uchita, Viniyogaha.


Artist: Blue Flower
Name: In Ecstasy-Sea
Composer: Sri Chinmoy
Release year: 2013
Duration: 0:51:00
Acknowledgements: Blue Flower
Format: MP3