Silence-Hearts is a group of female musicians from Germany who have been performing compositions of their spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy since 1993. This album “In Silence Love I Cry“,  first released in 1998, features a collection of meditative compositions, such as Usha Bala Elo and Jharna Kala Urdhe.

Their music reflects the meditative silence of the heart and and embodies the longing of a seeker for inner peace and happiness.

My silence-heart-life is a non-stop aspiration-flight to my transcendental Goal-the Goal of the ever-transcending Beyond. My sound-mind-life quite often carries me into a tenebrous indolence-coma.

– Sri Chinmoy, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 17 February 1989

Artist: Silence-Hearts
Name: In Silence Love I Cry
Composer: Sri Chinmoy
Release year: 1998
Duration: 1:04:42
Acknowledgements: Abhilakshati
Tracks uploaded : Ashish Zubaty | Tejvan Pettinger
Format: Advanced Audio Coding