Live meditation music from Sri Chinmoy’s students, Christmas 2017

Last modified June 21, 2018

This diverse collection of recordings were performed during meditations at our year-end gathering of Sri Chinmoy’s students, which we call the Christmas Trip.

These recordings feature a variety of group and individual performances, such the solo singing of Adarsha Kelly and music groups such as Ashru Dhara, Sangit Surabhi and Dinesh’s Group.

During the Christmas trip, we have meditation functions twice a day, which combine silent meditation with singing and instrumental performances, readings of spiritual poetry and writings and performances of plays both illumining and charming.

Each year we visit different countries and travels to different locations every few weeks, allowing students to join and leave the trip as their schedule permits. These trips have been taking place since the 1970s, when Sri Chinmoy would travel with his students to different places. At that time, the trips would only last a couple of years, but then over the years the length of time would expand, and by the 2000’s the trips would commonly last from the end of November until mid-February. Currently, the trips currently take place from just before Christmas until the second week in February. This year’s trip took place in Montenegro, Croatia and Cambodia.



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