Mahashakti – live in Salzburg

Last modified November 8, 2018

In October 2018, the music group Mahashakti – a group of boys from Austria and Germany – gave a concert of Sri Chinmoy’s meditation music arranged for guitar, harmonium and voice in Salzburg, Austria. We are pleased to present the recordings from that evening.

Kanala Auer is the leader of the Mahashakti music group and has so far chosen and arranged all of the Sri Chinmoy songs the group is performing on guitar and harmonium. He meets with Christian Oswald on a regular basis to work out the singing and harmonium parts together. The other three members form the “choir” of the group: Jwalanta Voelkner, Martin Lackner and Raga Rosenthaler.

The group is named for Mahashakti, one of the many names given in India to the female aspect of God. In India, many people pray to the female aspect of the Supreme in the form of cosmic godesses; indeed, Sri Chinmoy grew up in a family that prayed in this way, and throughout his life maintained the same love and reverence for this aspect of the Supreme. In Indian philosophy, shakti is also considered to be the creative or power-aspect of the Supreme.

As in the physical world, so also in the spiritual world: just as it is usually easier to please the mother than the father in the physical world, so also in the spiritual world, it is easier to please the Mother Divine. This is because She, the executive Force of the Supreme, the Divine Shakti, has Herself created the earth and therefore she identifies Herself with the earth-consciousness. All our imperfections and struggles rest upon Her infinite Heart of Compassion.

Shakti is the source of infinite Energy. This infinite Energy can be transmitted as infinite Light, infinite Peace, infinite Bliss….God has two aspects: one is His static aspect and the other is His dynamic aspect. When He wants to manifest, He employs His dynamic capacity, while His other aspect remains silent. Here Shakti becomes the universal manifesting Force.

Infinite Power is experienced in various forms inside the heart of each seeker. One seeker will experience Power as Bliss, another will experience it as Peace, a third as Light; and a fourth will experience it as Consciousness. The seeker feels and experiences Shakti, the Power, inside him, according to his own evolution.

Sri Chinmoy
excerpted from the books Earth’s cry meets Heaven’s smile, part 3 and Sri Chinmoy speaks, part 10

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  1. muito bom essas musicas mantras que trazem paz ao espirito me sinto agradecido muito obricado Thank You**

    (These mantric songs are very good for bringing peace to the spirit, I am really thankful, thank you very much)


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