Inspiration Sounds 67

Last modified August 13, 2009

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Welcome to Inspiration Sounds and more stories from the heart of the world, in this episode we have two stories for your enjoyment. Both carry the timeless messages of humility and gratitude and to be aware of pride and vanity that may stand in their way.

The King’s Favour
A King one day comes to his spiritual Master and asks to be of service in any way possible as the master has helped him unreservedly. The answer was not what he expected, with the task turning out to be very difficult.

The Defeat of Britrasur
No one knows when this story took place. In Indian as you may know, the cosmic gods and asuras continually fight for control over heaven; this epic story relates some of the reasons as to why this happens.

Artist: Budhsamudra Knox
Release year: 2009
Duration: 14:09
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy, Budhsamudra Knox, Jaitra Gillespie
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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