Inspiration-Sounds 3

Last modified March 13, 2006

Welcome to Episode 3 of Inspiration-Sounds.

In this episode I have selected stories from Sri Chinmoy’s book ‘The Mind Jungles and the Heart Gardens of Life,’ which he wrote for the occasion of his 70th birthday as an offering of inspiration and eternal wisdom. Each story, full of light and colour, offers a meaningful glimpse into the grand kaleidoscope of life.

These are some of my favourites, and I hope you enjoy them.

Budhsamudra Knox (Editor)
Wellington – New Zealand


  • “The Human Explorer and the Divine Discoverer”
  • “The Loving God and the Stolen Mangoes”
  • “The Tears of the Sinner”
  • “Not For Ten Million Dollars”
  • “Many Ways to Pray”
  • “Four Drunkards at the Railway Station”

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In this story Sri Chinmoy offers a comparison between human exploration and divine discovery, starting with one of the greatest human explorers, Columbus. From the spiritual point of view, Sri Chinmoy explains in the simplest of terms the true nature of the divine journey.

A priest is at his wit’s end when he finds that mangoes are being stolen from his very own tree. Using his wisdom he designs a method to stop the culprits, however to his great surprise he discovers an eternal truth from the unlikely mischievous boys.

Amidst a storm at sea four men are forced to pray for their lives. Here Sri Chinmoy writes of how to be a spiritual person is one thing,but to have sincerity, intensity and humility is something else. This story has a happy ending only because of the tears of the sinner.

A short story about the true nature of selfless service; of not working for material gain but for a higher cause. It shows that at times what we really long for can be found in the simplest of gestures.

Sri Chinmoy has written a fun story about the many and varied ways people pray to God. He also shows a common trap many of us have fallen into, of comparing ourselves with others and of growing into a beggar inside our prayers.

Among hundreds of people at a railway station four drunkards stand confused without any idea of what to do. They receive a helping hand from a kind-hearted station worker. Here Sri Chinmoy writes, in his own humorous way, of one of the many curiosities of life common to us all. No matter how kind we are, or how hard we try to please, there is a greater and unfathomable presence at work beyond our imagination.


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