Inspiration-Sounds 4

Last modified March 13, 2006

Hello and welcome to Episode 4 of Inspiration-Sounds. For many of us at the moment these are the winter months. Cool, foggy mornings slowly seep into gloomy days, which in turn pass into bleak toe-numbing nights, and all of this at times under a thick blanket of snow.

So I find myself more and more seeking the refuge of a cosy indoor scene, and the comfort of one of Sri Chinmoy’s books of heart-warming stories from the east. It was from my favourite Viennese cafe that I selected this episode’s stories.


Budhsamudra Knox (Editor)
Wellington – New Zealand

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I have always admired those in positions of leadership and stature who are not afraid to be of service to the more common folk around them. In this story a prominent Brahmin shows us that the greatest duty is to love God – that it is the duty supreme.

A rich and kind-hearted zamindar gives food and money to the poor, and only to the poor. A rich businessman tries his luck at one of the zamindar’s handouts and gets more than he expected.

Sri Chinmoy writes in this story of a king who longs to find out the true nature of his kingdom and his subjects. It is up to the self-giving heart of a common citizen to open his eyes, and to teach him that the more you can give the more you can receive.


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