Sri Chinmoy’s students sing his longest song

Last modified June 19, 2018

A soulful recording from 1997 of a choir of Sri Chinmoy’s students singing Dyulok chariye nara narayan – known affectionately as the ‘long song’ – on their spiritual teacher’s birthday. Sri Chinmoy originally wrote this poem as a teenager, and then set it to music on 8 July 1995, 50 years later.

Dyulok chariye was composed by Sri Chinmoy and dedicated to the spiritual Master Sri Aurobindo. Sri Chinmoy originally composed this as a Bengali poem, before translating into English on 15 August, 1945. Out of Sri Chinmoy’s repertoire of over 22,000 English and Bengali songs, Sri Chinmoy referred to this one as his ‘longest song’ – it contains 54 verses, and takes approximately 20 minutes to sing.

Notes about the recording: This is a live recording, and in the background you can hear the sound of annual cicadas, a sound which can often be heard during our August meditation gathering in New York. This recording also did not capture the first four stanzas of the performance.

Translation of the first stanza

God in human form
Descends from Heaven today
To touch and feel
The breath of earth-dust.
Comrades, His Victory
Let us proclaim, casting aside
All our world-responsibility-obligations.

– Sri Chinmoy [fn]Sri Chinmoy,August 15th, 1945, Agni Press, 1996[/fn]

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Artist: Sri Chinmoy Centre Choir
Name: Dhyulok Chariye, August, 1997
Composer: Sri Chinmoy
Release Year: 2018
Duration: 19:35
Audio edits: Komal Berg, Celana Dimitrijevik

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