In this album “Songs Heavenly” – Shindhu offer more meditative performances of Sri Chinmoy’s music. The title of the CD is appropriate since many people have described the music of Shindhu as being ‘heavenly’ and from a higher world.

Here is Udasina’s written introduction to this wonderful CD:

“These exquisite, haunting melodies are all composed by Sri Chinmoy and are drawn from the very depths and heights of his meditation. Sri Chinmoy has called music the universal language, second only to meditation in its power to elevate the human consciousness. He has composed many thousands of songs, depicting the multifarious experiences of each soul on its return journey to the Source. Each song draws the sincere seeker into a celestial world of beauty, peace, light, joy, dynamism or divine longing.”

Then she quotes from Sri Chinmoy:

“Music is the expansion of unlimited Reality. Soulful music is the music that wants to eventually transform our consciousness. It carries us into the Universal Consciousness and makes us feel that we are in tune with the highest, with the deepest, with the farthest.”

– Sri Chinmoy

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Our gratitude to Udasina for this soulful offering.

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