Sri Chinmoy in Russia

Last modified February 15, 2008

In this three CD album, from 2004, Sri Chinmoy gives a mixture of university lectures, and music performances from a series of concerts in Russia. The lectures were given on the subjects of philosophy, medicine, science, health, the United Nations and music.

Highlights from the music performances include some short Sanskrit mantras, a ten minute sitar performance, and a pipe organ performance in Moscow.

Sri Chinmoy visited Russia on a few occasions, post 1990.

In 1991, Sri Chinmoy published a book Russia and Russia’s God-Blossoming-Heart.


From 1984 to 2007, Sri Chinmoy offered more than 800 free concerts of meditative music. In these concerts he would sing and play his own compositions, creating with them an atmosphere of inner peace which he sought to share with humanity at large. These concerts were offered in halls small and large, and included some of the most prestigious ones in the world: Carnegie Hall, Royal Albert Hall (six times), Sydney Opera House, Lincoln Center, and the Budokan Hall in Tokyo. Sri Chinmoy’s concerts were always offered free of charge.

When asked a question as to why some spiritual masters travel a lot, he answered:

“…In the spiritual world also, some Masters feel the need to go out into the world, for the outer world is just a baby in consciousness. These Masters feel that there are many children who are crying for spiritual light, spiritual wisdom, spiritual perfection, but do not know where or how to find it. So the Masters go from place to place and offer their Light with the idea of serving the divinity in humanity. I happen to be one of those. I move around because I feel there are sincere children who need the Light that the Supreme has given me to offer to mankind. That is why I go to so many countries all over the world, because I feel that the outer world is my child.”

We hope you enjoy the talks and performances from this soulful tour of Russia in 2004.

Artist: Sri Chinmoy
Release year: 2004
Duration: 2.3 hours
Publisher: AUM publications
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding


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