Sri Chinmoy’s Birthday Celebrations 2008

Last modified November 9, 2009

Dear listeners, as you may already know, each August Sri Chinmoy‘s students gather in New York to celebrate Sri Chinmoy’s birthday on August 27.

Sri Chinmoy dedicated his life to serve the inner cry in the heart of every human being. Through meditation, art, music, literature, sports and humanitarian service, his mission reaches far and wide, spreading a message of joy, harmony, friendship and brotherhood, based on the discovery of our own deepest and highest essence, that which unites us all as one world-family.

These celebrations are an international event in which members of the Sri Chinmoy Meditation Centres from all over the world come to share prayer and meditation, spiritual music, spiritual plays, sports, poetry, art and an overall atmosphere of brotherhood and joy.

For many years we have come to New York, to bask in the glow of Sri Chinmoy’s inner love and compassion. We also enjoy the mutual inspiration born of sharing time with sincere Truth-seekers and God-lovers. Sri Chinmoy has stated that his meditation centres exist for mutual inspiration, and these performances are a good example of the richness of expression in this spiritual quest.

Meditation and music are inexorably linked. Meditation helps us to develop our musical and artistic capabilities for expression. Through meditation we come in touch with the Source of all Art and Beauty. At the same time, spiritual music helps us to meditate better, as we vibrate in that special resonance within our hearts.

And as we share this resonance, this vibration of love for the higher and deeper realities of life, we hope to serve the Divine in mankind with our offering, like pure water feeding the seeds in the Heart-Garden of God.

And we hope that the music and poetry shared through these offerings will help to bloom and blossom divine realities of inner peace, light and bliss in your heart, bringing new joy and fulfillment, a new dawn.

We hope that you may feel in these performances the love and sweetness, the joy and peace that we received and still receive from Sri Chinmoy.

Artist: Sri Chinmoy Students
Release year: 2008
Duration: 6:50:11
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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