Jagadhata & Friends – Christmas trip performances

Last modified May 30, 2018

Jagadhata Amrhien has been making arrangements of Sri Chinmoy’s songs for many years now. During the Christmas Trip (our annual year-end retreat) he often assembles a group of singers accompanied by himself on guitar; the performances are often quite dynamic and joyful.

These performances come from this year’s Christmas Trip  in Croatia and Montenegro. During the performances in Croatia his guitar playing is also accompanied by piano and flute.

Sri Chinmoy really valued dynamism in the spiritual life. For example, he once answered this question on how we could perfect our vital, or the emotional part of our nature:

You can easily offer your soul’s perfection to your vital. Right now if your vital is lethargic or aggressive, you have to know that lethargy and aggression are not divine qualities. First you have to make your vital dynamic. Dynamism is a divine quality which you badly need, badly need. In order to have dynamism in the vital, try to consciously expand your vital. Think of your vital as a bird that has two wings. Try to unfold and spread the wings. While you are expanding and spreading your wings, your vital is becoming dynamic. When the vital becomes dynamic, supremely dynamic, automatically the soul’s perfection enters into the dynamism of the vital and the vital becomes as perfect as the soul is.

Sri Chinmoy
from the book Perfection-world

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