Databir Watters tells some interesting stories about his experiences with his Guru, Sri Chinmoy, which reveal both the sweetness and humour which often accompanied disciple life.

In the first incident Databir recalls an incident of watching television in Sri Chinmoy’s house. In the second incident, he tells, in a humorous way, how he first saw Sri Chinmoy – but in a way he didn’t expect.

The third story is a humorous reminiscence about a tennis game, during the days of Sri Chinmoy’s tennis playing days. Disciples would often serve as umpires for games that Sri Chinmoy would play; in this story, Sri Chinmoy tries to teach them how to be more timely in calling the shots in or out, and the result does not exactly go as one might expect.

The stories show that the spiritual life is not always a serious and strict routine. But, in addition to soulful moment of meditation, it is good to have a balance, with joy days, playing games and being happy in an innocent way.

“The world needs both inner and outer joy. If we do not get the ultimate inner joy, we can at least try to offer and receive innocent outer joy. From pure innocent joy we can go one step ahead and get inner joy.”