This is the first album recorded by Premik. “Transformation-Dawn”. It was made in a studio recording from 1980 in New York and originally published on tape.  The songs have been arranged by Premik Russell Tubbs.

Madhurata Jetha Nai Ami Nai

Where sweetness is lacking I am not there, I am not there.
Sweetness-discipline and sweetness-worship,
Sweetness-invocation I always do.

Therefore, I am in self-trance, In sweet, ambrosial meditation.

– Sri Chinmoy

Artist: Premik
Name: Trasformation-Down
Composer: Sri Chinmoy, Premik
Release year: 1980 (MC)
Duration: 00:37:15
Acknowledgements: Premik
Tracks uploaded : Ashish | Tejvan
Format: MP3