‘Body, Heart & Soul’ – Mokshagun and Premik

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This is a recording dedicated to observing the first anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s weightlifting, which began on 26 June 1985. Some of the songs are quotes or words by Sri Chinmoy about his lifting. The songs have been arranged by musicians Premik Russell Tubbs and  Mokshagun Clarence Clemons.

The first song is composed by Mokshagun and the second is dedicated to this talented musician.

Sri Chinmoy’s weightlifting began on June 26th 1985, with raising a 40lb dumbbell overhead. This began a remarkable journey in the weightlifting world, which inspired the weightlifting community with his unique self-transcendence.


1. Getting Stronger
(words and music by Mokshagun)
As this recording was being made, Sri Chinmoy surpassed his own national masters record lift of 200 pounds by successfully lifting 303 1/4 pounds with one arm.

2. Mokshagun
(words and music by Sri Chinmoy / arranged by Premik)

Mokshagun, Mokshagun!
Lord’s Clarion Call,
His surrender-doll.
Beauty within, strength without
To silence Ignorance-shout.
Clarence Mokshagun Clemons,
Our sweet Lord’s Victory dawns.

3. I can lift up two hundred and forty pounds!
(words and music by Sri Chinmoy / arranged by Premlk and Aparajita)

4. Reach the top
(words and music by Premlk)

5. Weightlifting Medley
(words and music by Sri Chinmoy / arranged by Premik)

6. I can lift up hundred seventy pounds!
(words and music by Sri Chinmoy/arranged by Premik)

7. I have reached the Golden Shore
(words and music by Sri Chinmoy/arranged by Premik and Aparajita)

8. America the Beautiful
(words by Katherine Lee Bates/music by Samuel A. Ward)


Clarence Clemons, saxophonist with the Bruce Springsteen Band, visited Sri Chinmoy 1985 at Progress-Promise. The Master gave him the spiritual name “Mokshagun.”

1985-10-28 Avery Fisher hall

Meeting at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center in New York where Sri Chinmoy gave one of the 100 world-wide concerts dedicated to United Nations 40th anniversary (October 28th 1985).


News article: from 22nd March 1986 in New York Voice Queens.

1987 Peae Run

Mokshagun Clarence Clemons, Sudhahota Carl Lewis  and Narada at the historic launch of the Peace Run at the World Trade Center in 1987. The launch of the Peace Run was televised live by the Today show. They were also among the celebrities at a New York press conference of the Peace Run.

1989 00-00-87 -24

Sudhahota, Narada and Mokshagun visiting restaurant Annam Brahma 1987.


Mokshagun visiting in New York during Sri Chinmoy’s 72th birthday in 2003.

Clemons tells of the accident as the turning point in his life. It returned him to his music and eventually to the meeting with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. It also prepared him for his later spiritual awakening as a disciple of Sri Chinmoy, an Indian spiritual teacher who gave Clemons the name Mokshagun (liberation fire) , explaining that his purpose in his life was to bring light into the world and destroy ignorance. Through meditation, Clemons believes there have been other changes in his life: “I remember the first time I really meditated. I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t believe what I saw. I was so clear. I was like brand-new even my eyes were like diamonds. I started to laugh and couldn’t stop because I felt so good. I had found something. I had found peace, and that makes me a really different person.”

Statements like this coming from any other person might sound like pure hogwash, but coming from Clarence Clemons, it’s the real thing. If there ever was a person who could turn the most negative event into something positive, it is Clarence Clemons.

(from an interview by A. Sonnenschein, The Big Man, June 1986)


Artist: Mokshagun and Premik
Name: Body, Heart & Soul
Composer: Sri Chinmoy, Mokshagun, Samuel A. Ward
Release year: 1986 (MC)
Duration: 00:37:46
Acknowledgements: Premik
Tracks uploaded : Ashish | Tejvan
Format: Advanced Audio Coding
Photos: Adarini, Bhashwar, Pulak

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