Endless Energy, Sleepless Speed

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A collection of songs about self-transcendence and sport composed by Sri Chinmoy, and arranged by Premik. Vocals to the tracks are by Satisfaction-Cry and Lotus Groves.

Sri Chinmoy is unique among Spiritual Masters in his belief that sports – particularly running – is a perfect spiritual metaphor. The runner, sprinting to the goal, evokes the image of the spiritual seeker  whose burning aspiration is propelling him toward the supreme Goal. And the athlete’s one-pointed effort to surpass his previous achievements represents the aspirant’s eternal striving for the ever-greater spiritual perfection.

These songs inspires the listener to discover the inner road leading to self-perfection. Within each song the message of self-transcendence beckon-us.

“We run. We become. At every moment we are running to become great, sublime, divine and supreme. While we are becoming, we feel that we are in the process of reaching our ultimate Goal. But today’s Goal is only the starting point for tomorrow’s new dawn. At every moment we are transcending our previous achievements. We are transcending what we have and what we are. By virtue of our self-giving, we are becoming the Beauty, the Light and the Delight of our Beloved Supreme.”

– Sri Chinmoy [1 – Run and Become]

1. Jesse Owens – Jesse Owens was one of Sri Chinmoy’s great sporting hereos.

“O deathless jump,
O breathless speed,
Eternally athlete’s world you will feed.
Champion of champions, Hero of heros!
In your service-heart America glows.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy meeting with Jesse Owens


2 O Great Champion

“O Great Champion!
You are your achievement-sun.
Endless energy, sleepless speed feed our running hunger, feed.”

– Sri Chinmoy

The champion inspires the world by virtue of his effort and success.

Sri Chinmoy running


3 Marathon –  First performed for the opening ceremonies of the 1978 New York City Marathon.

“Marathon, Eternity’s dawn!
Humanity’s transcendence-race.
Divinity’s supreme Grace.”

– Sri Chinmoy

4 I am Running a Marathon

“Self pity, self doubt all gone.
The Golden Goal is beckoning me.
I am now Ecstasy flood Sea.”

– Sri Chinmoy

5 Congratulations

‘We are all God’s children. One son of His has achieved something. The other one comes to soulfully congratulate him. This is the exchange of our light.

– Sri Chinmoy

 6 My Record Will Go (quote by Bill Rodgers)
Bill Rodgers, four-time winner of both the Boston and New York Marathons, met with Sri Chinmoy in Boston in 1981.

7 O Grant Me The Fastest Speed (vocal)

“O grand me the green courage light.
I must win the Victory’s delight.”

– Sri Chinmoy

8 Cycling Song Medley
Songs dedicated to the 1979 Empire State Relay, a cycling event staged by members of Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in gratitude to the state of New York. (1- Cycling, cycling, evolving, evolving; 2 – Cycle Marathon Relay – Oneness-height’s evolving; 3 – I Bicycle with my Heavenly Friend, Speed.)

Sri Chinmoy before start of Empire State Bicycle Relay


9 Carl Lewis
The friendship between this great athlete and Sri Chinmoy began in 1983 when Carl Lewis met Sri Chinmoy in Queens, New York. “His life of simplicity and serenity, and his life of promise for the perfect fulfillment of spiritual tasks has impressed me most,” said Sri Chinmoy about the Olympian medalist.

Sri Chinmoy with Sudhahota Carl Lewis


10 Triathlon Theme
An instrumental version of Sri Chinmoy’s fanfare for this multi-endurance event.

“I love my great Triathlon.
It shows my heart the God-Vision Dawn.
I swim in the sea of silver light.
I cycle along the road of gold Delight.
I run with the Smile of the Beyond.”

– Sri Chinmoy

11 O Marathon Runner

“God the Smiler-Winner!
Bondage-body’s supreme victory challenged life’s summit-glory.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Emil Zatopek with Sri Chinmoy


12 Zátopek/Yeter Medley
Two quotes by Emil Zátopek, 1952 Olympic triple gold medalist, and one song dedicated to Cahit Yeter, ultra-runner.
(1 – If One Can Stick th the Training; 2 – You Must be Fast Enough; 3 – Brother-Friend Cahit.”)

13 Carl Lewis Medley (quotes by Carl Lewis)
(1 – I feel I Can Run with Anybody and Jump with Anybody; 2 – I Expect Big Things from Myself; 3 – What Other People Call Pressure, I Call Inspiration)

14 I have Won
A triumphant declaration of oneness with aspiring heaven and earth, written for Sudhahota Carl Lewis after his 1984 Olympic sweep.

“Mother Earth,
I am her supreme choice,
Father Heaven,
I am His God-fulfilled voice.”

Sri Chinmoy

15 Run and Become Finale
A short yet powerful statement which forms the core of Sri Chinmoy’s running philosophy:

“Run and become.
Become and run.
Run to succeed in the outer world.
Become to proceed in the inner world.”

Sri Chinmoy


Artist: Premik Russel Tubbs
Name: Endless Energy, Sleepless Speed
Composer: Sri Chinmoy
Release year: 1984
Duration: 00:58:08
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy/ Premik
Page Created: Ashish Zubaty / Tejvan Pettinger
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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