"Tumi Je Hao Se Hao" – Sri Chinmoy and Satyajit Saha's Group

Last modified October 24, 2006

In this performance, Satyajit and his group perform an arrangement and recitation of a poem by Sri Chinmoy‘s brother, Hriday Ranjan Ghose. Sri Chinmoy set this sublime poem to music, and is presented to us today by Satyajit’s Group.

Here is the translation (unofficial) of this poem:

“Who and what Thou art
What need have I to know?
Thou alone art my God:
Thy Grace in my life
Forever is written in golden letters
On the tablet of my heart.

O Love Supreme,
How great Thou art!
The real identity
Thou mayst not reveal.
I accepted Thee in the dream of night.
Thee alone I greet at the dawn of life.

I see Thee as the formless One,
As the Infinite in Its universal Self-Form.
O my Guru,
O Guru of the world,
What game art thou playing
In this world-room?”
     -Hriday Ranjan Ghose

We also have the good fortune of hearing Sri Chinmoy singing this song, as he spontaneously joined Satyajit’s Group during their performance.

Our gratitude to Sri Chinmoy and to Satyajit’s group for this most soulful performance.

Kamalakanta Nieves
October 2006

Artist: Sri Chinmoy, Satyajit Saha’s Group
Release year: 2006
Duration: 7:42
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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  1. this is one of the most beautiful poem and recording.
    it brings tears of gratitude…
    Gratitude Sri Chinmoy. Gratitude, Satyajit


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