Sri Chinmoy’s “My Consulate Years”: Part 1

Last modified December 17, 2007

In this, our first episode of “My Consulate Years“, Mark Dempsey reads a story of how Sri Chinmoy applied for a job at the Indian Consulate in 1964, shortly after his arrival in America.

Sri Chinmoy’s stories are full of inner affection, love and compassion. He is, indeed, a very charming story-teller.

The Consul General at the time, Mr. Mehrotra, was extremely kind to Sri Chinmoy.

In this story, Sri Chinmoy relates how he failed the typing examination, but was nevertheless offered a job at the Indian Consulate.

Sri Chinmoy related how on one occasion, many years later, he asked Mr. Mehrotra why he hired him, even though he had failed the typing test. Mr. Mehrotra said that it was because of Sri Chinmoy’s eyes. As soon as Sri Chinmoy walked into Mr. Mehrotra’s office for that first interview in 1964, Mr. Mehrotra saw something special in Sri Chinmoy’s eyes. They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and Mr. Mehrotra saw something special, very special, in Sri Chinmoy.

We are very grateful to Mark Dempsey and his recording engineer, Blazej Neradilek, for this sweet and soulful contribution.

Artist: Mark Dempsey
Release year: 2007
Duration: 4:15
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy, Mark Dempsey, Blazej Neradilek
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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