"Joy of Sitar" – Adesh Widmer

Last modified March 13, 2006

Adesh Widmer delights us with his beautiful, semi-improvisational style on the sitar. He builds improvisations based on Sri Chinmoy’s melodies. The melodies flow from his instrument like an unending stream, in the true spirit of Indian music. Adesh’s style is very meditative; the listener is led into the spontaneous flow of meditation.

Kamalakanta Nieves
February, 2006

Artists: Adesh Widmer (sitar), Bandhavi Widmer (tamboura)
Release year: 2006
Duration: 50:11
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy, Adesh Widmer
Format: Advanced Audio Coding


  1. Ajay

    Nice album…

  2. pranay waghmare

    i like

  3. Gamini C. Kumara

    I think listening to this type of music is one of the best ways to be relaxed.

  4. aare

    This is good music

  5. aare

    this is a good music

  6. rajaparul1@gmail.com

    All the posts are very pleasant and cool.

  7. seenu

    so calm & nice music

  8. Zulma

    this kind of music made my day, I enjoy every single note. Thank you.



  10. Nagendar Reddy

    Very ni ce

  11. Peter

    It fills the soul.

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