"Esraj: My Heart-Song"

Last modified April 27, 2006

On February 19th, 2004, Sri Chinmoy celebrated the 30th Anniversary of his esraj performances by giving a small concert. He played his own original compositions for about one hour.

Sri Chinmoy has been performing the esraj in more than 600 free concerts which he has offered to the public since 1984. This instrument has a very sweet, ethereal quality in its tone, and enables Sri Chinmoy to express his meditative music most powerfully and, at the same time, in a most sublime way.

Kamalakanta Nieves
March 2006


  1. kaushik

    very good….very efficient….

  2. kalpesh patel

    dear sir i reall want your flute meditation song to meditate but how to download

  3. Radio Sri Chinmoy

    Dear Kalpesh, you can download by pressing download and right-clicking on the links.

  4. mojghan

    i want reall want your music but i dont know how downloud , i live in iran and i cant find your cd.
    thank u & god bless you

  5. mohan kumar

    very very good

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