Adarsha I – one hundred song-offerings

Last modified March 4, 2021

A selection of one hundred songs of Sri Chinmoy sung and recorded by Adarsha Kelly of Glasgow, Scotland. These songs are sung acapella and include some of Sri Chinmoy’s most well-known songs.

When I became interested in spiritual singing, I listened to Adarsha and gradually started to appreciate his recordings more and more. I would note down his live scheduled performance times so as not to miss them when I had the chance.

We cannot separate
Our soulful songs
From our Godful prayers.

– Sri Chinmoy

One day in New York in August 2007, Sri Chinmoy had asked all musical afternoons and evenings in his meditation garden to open with Adarsha singing, and then to be followed by other groups as scheduled. Later on, he remarked in public what I remember as that some people sing from the body, some from the vital (or emotions) and some from the (spiritual) heart. At this, I felt, “Yes, the heart! That must be why Sri Chinmoy and many others like Adarsha’s singing – he sings from the heart!” But true to a realised spiritual Master – well transcending my limited notion of eureka then – Sri Chinmoy continued saying that, however, Adarsha sings from the soul.

Despite such mentions, he is a remarkably humble and unassuming person and has kindly agreed to our request for more songs being recorded, with the result being this first one hundred songs.

We would like to thank Sri Chinmoy for his vast number of spiritual compositions and his encouragement of his disciples in various fields as he would see them fit.

— Patanga

Here you can read an illumining essay on the nature of the soul’s mission, which we quote briefly from here:

“You are not the body. You are not the senses. You are not the mind. These are all limited. You are the soul, which defies all time and space. Your soul is infinitely powerful. Your soul is infinite in every way.” – Sri Chinmoy


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