“Aspire to the Unattainable” – CD 1 by Sri Chinmoy

Last modified December 3, 2015

This CD “Aspire to the Unattainable is a compilation of interviews and talks by Sri Chinmoy from 1965 to 1973. This is the first CD of two that comprise this release.

In the first track, Sri Chinmoy is interviewed in 1965, only 9 months after arriving in America. Sri Chinmoy answers questions on the different types of yoga and specifically on the integral aspect of yoga, where all parts of the being (body, mind, heart and soul) aspire in concerted action.

“In order to see the divine in each and everything we have to have a consciousness that is all-pervading and in order to attain to that all pervading consciousness our body, mind, heart and soul must aspire simultaneously.”

– Sri Chinmoy (unofficial quote from track #1)

In the other tracks, Sri Chinmoy gives inspiring talks at meditation meetings with his students. The second track features Sri Chinmoy giving a talk about aspiring to the unattainable.

“But, the deeper you go within, you see there is nothing unattainable because God is within us. God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. So there is no such thing as unattainable. Today’s achievement is not the last word in our life.”

– Sri Chinmoy (unofficial quote from track #2)

In other tracks, Sri Chinmoy reads spiritual stories and also how to bring forth our aspiration when it is wavering.

Our path

In the sixth track, Sri Chinmoy is asked about what makes a good disciple. Sri Chinmoy talks about accepting disciples and the main aspects of his spiritual path.

“Our path is the path of simplicity to start with. Complexity cannot be found in our path. God is extremely simple. It is we who think of him as someone complex, complicated.”

– Sri Chinmoy (unofficial quote from track #6)

All in all, these talks are full of the wisdom that Sri Chinmoy shares with the students on different aspects of the spiritual life.



Artist: Sri Chinmoy
Name: “Aspire to the Unattainable”- CD by Sri Chinmoy (CD 1 of 2)
Composer: Sri Chinmoy
Release Year: 2014
Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
Tracks uploaded and published: Kamalakanta Nieves and Tejvan Pettinger
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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