This is the thirteenth album by Temple-Song-Hearts, featuring twelve songs composed by Sri Chinmoy. The album was recorded in London, 2010.

About Temple-Song-Hearts

Temple-Song-Hearts, an all female vocal and instrumental ensemble, was founded in 1988 and is devoted exclusively to performing the music of Sri Chinmoy.

Temple-Song-Hearts’ musical expression fuses classical and modern, western and eastern, for a sound that is at once contemplative and joyful. The haunting and soul-stirring voices of these women take the depth, power and sheer vastness of Sri Chinmoy’s musical compositions and weave an experience dedicated to the journey of the human soul.


Temple-Song-Hearts performing in a concert in Reykjavik

The group has toured extensively throughout Europe, recent concerts being held in Oslo, Reykjavik, London and Prague. Temple-Song-Hearts is an international group and members come from the UK, France, Austria, Serbia, Slovakia and Australia.



Piano: Eshana
Flute, Clarinet: Sahana
Cello, Drum: Chintamani
Recorders: Shankara
Horn: Bhauliya
Vocals: Shankara, Dipika, Bhasini, Sudhira, Sumangali, Charubala, Eshana, Chintamani, Veronika, Gambuja, Natashira, Sahana, Bhauliya, Kulesvari

Recorded at Gero Studios, London, 2010
Recording engineer: Mohan Bachmann
All songs composed by Sri Chinmoy
Arrangements: Eshana Gadjanski and Utsava Heitz
Cover illustration: Kaivalya Torpy

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