Conversation-Hearts 5: Prachar Stegemann on Volcanoes

Last modified January 9, 2008

Prachar Stegemann has been studying meditation with Sri Chinmoy for many years. He is a very talented musician, being an accomplished pianist and arranger.

On the Sri Chinmoy Radio site we have some of his arrangements. One such collection is titled “The Road of Ecstasy”, and it is a very sweet and enthralling collection of Sri Chinmoy’s melodies.

Another arrangement by Prachar is the one on Sri Chinmoy’s song “Nineteen Thirty-One”, a song dedicated by Sri Chinmoy to the year of his own birth. Also worth mentioning is Prachar’s arrangement of Sri Chinmoy’s Song number 13,000, Shakpura.

In this episode of Conversation-Hearts, Prachar delights us with his thoughts on volcanoes. In Sri Chinmoy’s writings, volcanoes can be used negatively (as in describing a volcano-mind or a volcano-vital) or positively (volcano-determination or volcano-aspiration).

Here is a brief collection of Sri Chinmoy’s poems that include the word “volcano” in them:

“My future will not need
Any deathbed sincerity
If my present has
A volcano-determination.”
—Sri Chinmoy

“God will forgive you
If you suspect
His Compassion-Sea.
But God will not forgive you
If you suspect
Your volcano-aspiration.”
—Sri Chinmoy

“Our volcano-mind
And our tornado-vital
Can be silenced
Only by our Lord’s
Compassion-flooded Eye.”
—Sri Chinmoy

“Inner stillness
Has a volcano-power.
It destroys the smouldering anguish
Of the human heart.”
—Sri Chinmoy

“My child, my child,
Do not be afraid of your mind’s Volcano-confusion.
My Compassion-Eye
At My choice Hour will devour
Your mind’s volcano-confusion.”
—Sri Chinmoy

“O fighting thought-waves,
Calm your self.
O illumining Volcano-will,
Arouse yourself.
O fulfilling God compassion,
Present yourself.”
—Sri Chinmoy

“His volcano-will
Dares to change
The cosmic tragedy
And succeed in man.”
—Sri Chinmoy

“His heart’s aspiration-mountain
And his life’s determination-volcano Have formed a new haven
For earth’s ceaseless cries
And endless failures.”
—Sri Chinmoy

“His heart-aspiration-volcano
Has destroyed the bridge
Between his mind
And the vital world.”
—Sri Chinmoy

“We need a truth-volcano
To destroy
Our impurity-mind-land.”
—Sri Chinmoy

“I dearly love
My mind’s invincible
—Sri Chinmoy

“My Lord Supreme,
I wish to be
The volcano-determination
Of my champion-heart-life.”
—Sri Chinmoy

We hope you enjoy Prachar’s narration of his thoughts on volcanoes.

You can read more of Sri Chinmoy’s writings at

See some amazing volcano action in the latest edition of LIFE Voices at

Artist: Prachar Stegemann
Release year: 2007
Duration: 6:07
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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