This album ‘Meditationskonzert’ was produced by Minati Helbig’s group. It is a compilation of English and Bengali songs – composed by Sri Chinmoy and performed by her group.

Comment on album

We are publishing this album today in loving memory of Minati Helbig, who passed away on January 1st, 2008 after a prolonged illness. She studied meditation with Sri Chinmoy for many years, and was loved by everyone.

We shall always remember her kindness, sweetness and devotion, and these qualities that she embodied in abundant measure will inspire us on our journey to the Goal.

The music in this “Meditationskonzert” CD is full of purity, love, sweetness and soulfulness. There is a serenity in this music which is certain to bring inner peace to the listener.

We offer our gratitude to Minati for her exemplary life and for this wonderful music.

Artist: Minati’s Group
Release year: 2008
Duration: 47 minutes
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy, Minati’s Group
Format: Advanced Audio Coding