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I have come to learn that while we live in the outer world – the outer story – there is also an inner story that is taking place inside me. Sri Chinmoy’s stories embody both these two parallel worlds. On the surface the story may be funny, sweet and innocent, or sad. Yet underneath all this there is a wave full of significant truths and natural wisdom that can gently lead us away for a time from the ordinary everyday, to a higher world – to the sublime. Enjoy the stories.

The Cow and the Pig
Did you ever think it was possible to gain good advice from a cow and a pig? Now you can. Here Sri Chinmoy illustrates with a childlike wisdom the benefits of offering to others your good qualities right here and now. It all begins one sunny day when a miserly village zamindar overhears a startling conversation between a cow and a pig.

The Notorious Son
An enlightening story about the power of transformation that takes place in an outright naughty and mischievous boy. He eventually learns that by leading a positive and self-giving life, one can not only become happy and satisfied, but can also be a shining example to others.

The Doctor’s Satchel
A funny story about a village doctor’s attempt to save a gravely ill man. The situation for the family becomes more and more desperate, as the doctor’s technique seemingly gets way out of control.

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