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Last modified August 12, 2006

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This week we have taken three stories from Sri Chinmoy’s classic story book The Garden of the Soul. This wonderful book is full of over sixty short stories and tales, from the traditional to the modern. Like the many flowers in a beautiful garden, the selection of stories ranges from the funny, to the sad and serious. But what is present in all of them is the spark of life, the undeniable drop of the infinite that silently feeds all that we do, all that we say, and all that we shall become.

Bama Eats The Temple Food
Sri Chinmoy writes, “You can forget everything if you want to, but do not forget one thing: you are God’s child, God’s very, very own.” In this story a poor boy eats the temple prasad only to incur the anger of the temple priest and guard.

The Wonderful Singer
An amusing story about a village singer who some claim to be excellent, while others are sent to sleep by his melodious voice. It is a pair of burglars who find out for themselves the power of the singer’s voice.

The Brass Pot
A story of greed and deception, when the wife of a village head fails to return a brass pot she borrowed. Keeping it for two years the wife finally gets her just desserts from the original owner.


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