Language of the Heart – Hiya Bhasha

Last modified December 25, 2006

In this recording, the group Hiya Bhasha offers us soulful interpretations of Sri Chinmoy‘s melodies. This group was formed in 1988, and toured extensively in Europe.

The name of the group, “Hiya Bhasha”, means “the language of the heart”. Here are some notes from the original cassette:

“Hiya Bhasha (sanskrit: the language of the heart) is a group of 14 women singers and musicians from different cities in Germany (Berlin, Hannover, Heidelberg, Koln, Hamburg, Freiburg, Osnabruck, Augsburg). The group was inspired by Sri Chinmoy’s poetry and songs and started singing and playing together in 1988-89. Since then Hiya Bhasha has been giving concerts all over Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland. Using a blend of Eastern and Western instruments like flute, guitar, harmonium, harp, hammerdulcimer, esraj, tabla and glockenspiel, Hiya Bhasha has arranged and performed Sri Chinmoy’s compositions.”


Kamalakanta Nieves
Album: Language of the Heart 1
Artist: Hiya Bhasha
Release year: 1995
Duration: 48:32
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Analog to Digital Engineer: Ashish Zubaty
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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