“Magi Ami Magi Naba Eshanar”, Composed by Sri Chinmoy

Last modified May 26, 2008

In this recording, T. Bayasgalan offers a beautiful interpretation of Sri Chinmoy’s song, “Magi Ami Magi Naba Eshanar“.

It was on the first anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s first visit to Mongolia on May, 2007.

This is the meaning of the narrator’s introduction before T. Bayasgalan sings:

“In honor of the first anniversary of world peace leader, philosopher,poet, composer, artist, sportsman and spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy’s visit to Mongolia, the Best Cultural Worker of Mongolia T. Bayasgalan is singing one of his songs, Magi Ami, for you.”

Deeldar Bilegt Sedjav gives us some background notes on this wonderful celebration:

(14-24 May 2007)

Sri Chinmoy had been invited to visit Mongolia at the invitation of the President of Mongolia Nambaryn Enkhbayar and the trip was organized by the Sri Chinmoy Center in Mongolia and the Mongolian Academy of Poetry.

The visit started on a high note with the Decree of the President of Mongolia to award the Leader of the Peace Meditation at the UN Sri Chinmoy with the medal of “Friendship”. President N. Enkhbayar said, “We highly appreciate your contribution to strengthening of world peace, friendly relations between Indian and Mongolian peoples and to the development of education, culture, art and humanitarian sectors of our country. Your visit is special that it coincides with 2550th anniversary of the Lord Buddha. You show by your activities that there is no limit to human potential”. Then the President requested Sri Chinmoy to convey the spiritual values to young generation through the lectures and meditations in Mongolia, and offering his spiritual experiences to Mongolia was the hallmark of the visit.

Sri Chinmoy gave exquisite talks on poetry at the Government Palace and on art at the Theatre of Drama. He also gave a public concert of spiritual music for the audience of 3,000 people.

A beautiful exhibition of Sri Chinmoy’s artworks was displayed for the public free of charge, as are done all his manifestation activities for discovering the unlimited potentials of human spirit. The exhibition was visited by the President of Mongolia N.Enkhbayar.

The Mongolian portion of the World Harmony Run was attended by two members of the Mongolian Parliament as well as cheerful participation of children from several schools.

For the promotion of friendship among people of all walks of life, for his contributions to the fields of poetry, music and art, Sri Chinmoy received the highest awards of the

  • Mongolian Union of Artists
  • Mongolian Academy of Poetry
  • Honorary Degree from Mongolian University of Culture and Arts

Among several activities to commemorate the first anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s historic visit to Mongolia was a decision by a rising star of Mongolian music scene, a 26-year old female folk singer T.Bayasgalan to sing a song by Sri Chinmoy – Magi Ami. According to her, she was particularly inspired by the song’s peace as well as Sri Chinmoy’s spiritual philosophy. The song, beautifully performed by Bayasgalan with her unique Mongolian folk song style, was played over 450 times on five FM radio stations in Mongolia during 14-24 May 2008.

She now enthusiastically looks forward to singing more songs by Sri Chinmoy and will do that free of charge as a tribute to his spiritual legacy and as a heartfelt gift to her fellow fellow citizens.

Bayasgalan is scheduled to give solo performances in five US cities in October 2008.

Our gratitude to T. Bayasgalan and to all the Mongolian Sri Chinmoy students for this special offering.

Artist: T.Bayasgalan
Composer: Sri Chinmoy
Release year: 2008
Duration: 5:43
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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