Meditation Podcast #2: The Dot

Last modified December 23, 2018

With this exercise you learn to develop the power of concentration. Concentration helps us to silence our mind, which is a necessary step to enter into deeper meditation. Draw a dot on a piece of paper, hang it on the wall and begin!

This series of exercises are taken from Sri Chinmoy’s writings, and narrated by Jackie Spears from the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Amsterdam. You can find the first episode in the series here…

Sri Chinmoy spoke about the difference between concentration and meditation:

Concentration is the Arrow. Meditation is the Bow.
When you concentrate, you focus all your energies upon the chosen phenomenon in order to unveil its mysteries. When you meditate, you rise into a higher consciousness.
Concentration wants to penetrate into the object it strives for. Meditation wants to live in the vastness of Silence.
In concentration, you endeavour to bring the consciousness of your object right into your own awareness. In meditation, you rise from your limited consciousness into a higher and wider domain.
If you want to sharpen your faculties, concentrate. If you want to lose yourself, meditate.


  • Audio Text: adapted from Sri Chinmoy’s writings
  • Narrator: Jackie Spears, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Music: Alap
  • Photo: Bijoy Imhof
  • Sri Chinmoy’s quote above is taken from the book Eternity’s Breath

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