A performance by Sri Chinmoy’s New York students, April 2012

Last modified April 19, 2014

A recording of a  performance by members of the New York Sri Chinmoy Centre from April 2012. The arrangements are led by Paree Atkin, and feature the songs The children of the West , I Know, He Is the Only Ideal of My Life, O, Come and Sing With Me and Avatar Name Dharanir Buke.

Nearly two hundred performers featured in the medley of arrangements. These recordings were taken in 2012 on Sri Chinmoy’s 48th anniversary of arriving in the West. We have published these recordings on April 2014, to mark the recent 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Song Lyrics

The children love him

The children of the West
Love him
Because he talks about God.
The children of the East
Love him
Because he knows God.

–  Sri Chinmoy (December 20, 1975, Transcendence-Perfection) | Sri Chinmoy Songs

I Know, He Is the Only Ideal of My Life

I know, I know,
He is the only ideal of my life.
I know, I know
He is the only thing real in my life.
I know, I know,
His Compassion-Smile
Is my Eternity’s All.

– Sri Chinmoy (November 28, 1976) | Sri Chinmoy Songs

O, Come and Sing With Me

O, come and sing with me,
I shall give you my love
And all my beauty free.
O, come and dance with me,
I shall give you my breath
And my life of nectar-sea.
O, come and cry with me,
Cry with me,
Cry with me.
O Beloved, O Lover sweet,
We shall shine, we shall shine
Through Eternity!

– Sri Chinmoy | Sri Chinmoy Songs

Avatar Name Dharanir Buke

Enters into the heart of the world
With a consciousness new.

– Sri Chinmoy | Sri Chinmoy Songs

Artist: All-Local NY Sri Chinmoy Students
Name: An Avatar is He, No.9
Recorded: April 2012
Duration: 18:59
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy, Paree
Page Created: Ashish / Tejvan
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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