This is the second album from Song-Flower-Seeds, an instrumental group from Nuremberg, who offer a selection of arrangements of spiritual songs by Sri Chinmoy. The album was originally recorded in 1996, and we are pleased to now make it available on Radio Sri Chinmoy for people to enjoy.

The album is entitled ‘O Dream of God’

O dream of God,
O dream of man,
Your soul smiles with
O love of Truth,
O truth of Love,
I see your flood
Of dance above.

– Sri Chinmoy, Chandalier, part 1

The exclusively female voices of this recording offer an atmosphere of especially pure sounds. The focus is not on brilliance or perfection, but on a simple, directly accessible and yet deep music experience – from heart to heart, from being to being. A very extraordinary experience is when you become completely immersed in the sounds, when you reach a state of being fully engrossed in – this meditative music, which is an expression of the search for the meaning of life.

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Artist: Song-Flower-Seeds
Name: O dream of God
Composer: Sri Chinmoy
Release year: 1996 (CD)
Duration: 01:04:25
Acknowledgements: Pragya
Tracks uploaded : Ashish | Tejvan
Format: Advanced Audio Coding