Peace: Divinity’s Dream on Earth

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In the spring of 1992, Sri Chinmoy offered these seven Peace Concerts in his Peace: Divinity’s Dream on Earth tour. The concerts were performed at venues around the East coast of the United States.

This album includes various performances from 17 of Sri Chinmoy’s favourite instruments; in total it offers around two hours of music from an original double tape recording. At the initial concert in the First Unitarian Church of Providence, an aide to the Mayor presented Sri Chinmoy with the key to the city.

List of Concerts:

May 2, 1992
First Unitarian Church,
Providence, Rhode Island

May 3, 1992
First Church in Cambridge
Cambridge, Massachusetts (Boston area)

May 9, 1992
Sprague Hall, Yale University
New Heaven, Connecticut

May 15, 1992
Center for Adult Education
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland (Washington, DC area)

May 16, 1992
Cathedral Church of the Saviour
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

May 22, 1992
Martin Luther King, Jr. High School
New York, New York

June 20, 1992
The Egg Auditorium, Empire Center
Albany, New York

Most of the songs and recordings during these Peace Concerts feature Sri Chinmoy singing or playing his own compositions. However this recording is notable in that it features Sri Chinmoy singing or playing some favourite songs by other composers.

  • Kharabayu Bol Bege by Nobel Prize-winning poet Rabindranath Tagore
  • Tomari Hok Jai original words by Sri Biren Palit
  • America the Beautiful by Katharine Lee Bates
  • One Hand, One Heart by Leonard Bernstein and Stephan Sondheim, from the musical West Side Story
  • Ave Maria in Latin, by Franz Schubert and Walter Scott
  • and melody of Moscow Nights (by Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi) on synthesizer.

Artist: Sri Chinmoy
Name: Peace: Divinity’s Dream on Earth
Release year: 1992
Duration: 1:50:00
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

List of tracks

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