Readings from Sri Chinmoy’s writings, by his students

Last modified November 4, 2018

Sri Chinmoy was one of the most prolific authors that ever lived, with over 1600 titles to his name.

He began writing poetry when only a teenager, and published books of talks, answers to spiritual questions, prayers, plays, short stories and even jokes! When Sri Chinmoy’s students meet together for meditations, we often like to read aloud from his writings; these recordings are taken from some of those readings.

My writings are not borrowed thoughts, but the expressions of my own experience. Some philosophers, professors and scholars borrow ideas from others; the ideas they write about do not come from their own realisation. In my case, my grammar may be absolutely wrong, but the consciousness that I reveal is a divine consciousness. So even if I say, “I goes,” there is no problem. But when I say “I,” it will carry tremendous spiritual strength and spiritual power. This is true not only when I say it, but also when all spiritual Masters say it.

Sri Chinmoy
From the book Obedience or oneness, Agni Press, 1977


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