Sri Chinmoy sings – My own gratitude heart and other songs

Last modified August 2, 2019

On 15 September 2004, Sri Chinmoy sang for half an hour, during a performance at Aspiration Ground. He sang a variety of songs from short English songs, such as “My Own Gratitude heart” to his favourite Sanskrit mantras and Bengali compositions. This is the first part of this memorable performance.

The song “My Own Gratitude heart” encompasses great simplicity, but conveys an important aspect of Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy on the power and importance of gratitude. The lyrics of the song are simply

My own gratitude-heart is all that matters.

Sri Chinmoy also writes on gratitude:

“Once more I wish to tell you that nothing can be more meaningful or more fruitful than gratitude in our human life. All our bad qualities, all our undivine qualities can be washed away and will be washed away by our soulful gratitude.” (1)


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  1. Hello. The last track identified as “Sanskrit mantra” is actually a continuation of Vasangsi Jirnani

    • File name is changed – thank you!


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