These are a few audio recordings by Sri Chinmoy’s students from New Zealand and Australia, talking about how Sri Chinmoy could interact with his students in various ways.

Sri Chinmoy taught a path of meditation, selfless service and spiritual discipline. Sri Chinmoy also valued the spontaneity of the heart, and with his students he often challenged the tendency for the mind to get stuck in ruts. His own life is testimony to how prayer and meditation can untap a deep creative source, and also find new sources of inspiration and self-transcendence. In these stories, we see how Sri Chinmoy seeks to encourage newness and challenge the expectations of a seeker.

Jogyata Dallas relates how Sri Chinmoy suggested some interesting ways to celebrate his completion of the poetry series Twenty Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants. It also includes a short story that begins with some Russian spaghetti wrestlers and ends with a charming observation by Sri Chinmoy.

Prachar Stegemann shares an interesting anecdote about how to be receptive for a good meditation, when Sri Chinmoy meditated specifically on someone. Prachar notes that the people who were around that person when Sri Chinmoy was meditating often got much more spiritual light because they were not so self-conscious.

Amalendu Edelstein describes a humorous birthday experience where he learned about expectation, patience and Sri Chinmoy’s sense of humour.