The daily life of a spiritual Master, as recalled by his students

Last modified October 21, 2018

Sri Chinmoy childhood was marked by the sweetness and simplicity of a traditional Indian upbringing, and his early adulthood by immersion into the vastness of spirituality: a stark contrast to the 43 years he would then spend living in the bustle of New York City.

These stories, shared by six of his students, give us some charming glimpses of a spiritual Master’s daily life in the Western world.

Some of the stories take place around Sri Chinmoy’s home area of Briarwood, Queens in New York where he lived for almost 40 years; others take place during Sri Chinmoy’s travels, particularly during Christmas Trips that took place at the end of the year when Sri Chinmoy and his students used to travel to different countries.

Question: What is the relationship of the mystic with the world of limitation?

Sri Chinmoy: He can live on earth very firmly and well established, like a boat in the water. The boat is in the water, but it is not affected by the water. You live inside this house, but you are not bound by this house. You can neglect it or you can make it better. You are the lord of this house. In this way the true mystic lives with humanity. The mystic has the capacity to illumine the consciousness of mankind, to change the world, illumine the world, to make it more divine and more perfect.

Source: A life of blossoming love, by Sri Chinmoy

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