In this recording, Kishore Cunningham offers a simple guided meditation exercise, to help beginners focus on their new meditation practise. The guided meditation also has relaxing music, recorded by Swiss musician Alap to help create a meditative atmosphere.

How to start meditating

Each of us begins meditation with a goal of our own – curiosity, a wish to overcome stress or become more peaceful, perhaps a desire to know ourselves and our potential more deeply. As we achieve these early goals, new goals emerge and today’s accomplishment becomes only the starting point of tomorrow’s new journey. And as a flower opens and blossoms, so do we begin to see our own infinite capacities open as we find a deeper peace and a more abiding satisfaction.

The first secret of learning meditation correctly is the seekers sincerity – an indispensable commitment to regular practice and to creating a special place and time for this purpose, without which no effort to learn meditation is likely to survive.

You can practice these simple breath visualizations each day until your mind becomes more still and add to these one or more new exercises as we progress. Begin with 10 minutes every day and gradually step up to 15 minutes, 20 minutes and upwards as you improve. Don’t be discouraged if your mind is very busy – this is a common experience for everyone. Simply commit to your daily practice – the first secret of sincerity! – and gradually you will improve. These initial exercise is designed to quieten the mind – meditation lies beyond the mind in the silence and stillness that practise will cultivate.

– Ashish Zubaty.


Artist: Kishore Cunningham
Music: Alap
Name: Meditation in The Heart-Sky
Duration: 0:19:02
Tracks uploaded: Ashish Zubaty | Tejvan Pettinger
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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