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Last modified July 30, 2006

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Hello everyone and welcome to Episode 22, this week featuring stories from Sri Chinmoy that include horses in one way or another.

And who doesn’t like horses? Or at least enjoy a good old horse tale. Down through the ages they have played significant roles in our lives and their sacrifice to our cause has been huge. Majestic, beautiful and intelligent these animals live amongst us full of dynamism, power and prana. I hope you enjoy the stories for which I am joined this week by Daniel Rubin.

Four First Class Fools
A king asks his minister to bring him four of the world’s worst possible fools. Two are easy to find with the remaining two being not quite so obvious.

The Horse That Wanted More Beauty
The horse of a cosmic god is unhappy about how beautiful it doesn’t look and feels that there is potential for improvement. The cosmic god is only too happy to fulfil its wish, but as always be careful what you wish for.

Sangya’s Marriage To The Sun God
An old tale about the daughter of a great sage and her marriage to Surya. His heat and power dazzle her to the extent that the marriage appears to be over, if not for the advice of her father.


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