Meditation podcast #1: The Vastness of the Sky

Last modified November 28, 2018

This guided meditation is a visualization of the sky, inviting you to identify with vastness.

The exercise is read from Sri Chinmoy’s writings by Jackie Spears from the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Jackie originally hails from England; in the past she has worked for the Dutch World Service, and is much in demand for her professional voice-over work.

Sri Chinmoy spoke about the quality of vastness in meditation:

If we can feel the existence of the vast ocean or the vast sky inside us, then we will find ourselves growing into this vastness. Meditation means our conscious growth in the infinite. In meditation, the mind becomes calm and silent and we consciously allow ourselves to be nurtured and nourished by Infinity itself. Meditation is our conscious awareness of the Vast, and from this point of our meditation we grow into the Vastness itself.


  • Audio Text: adapted from Sri Chinmoy’s writings
  • Narrator: Jackie Spears, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Music: Parichayaka Hammerl, Salzburg, Austria
  • Notes: Abhinabha Tangerman, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Sri Chinmoy’s quote above is taken from the book Sri Chinmoy speaks, part 3

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  1. How wonderful and inspiring is this! Thank you for the recording. Beautiful exercise and very nice voice from Jackie Spears…. thank you


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